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Mailbox: When To Buy Gold Majors

From The Maven Letter | July 13, 2022
By Gwen Preston

I realize that the bottom has fallen out, or is continuing to fall out, for all gold stocks.
What to do?

I remember about a year ago that you mentioned that you bought the stocks of a
number of majors when the March 2020 dive occurred.

Is that same opportunity for stocks and/or options for the gold majors on the horizon?

- Reader DD

Great question! Short answer is yes. The challenge will be timing, of course...

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Peter Krauth is a former portfolio adviser and a 20-year veteran of the resource market, with special expertise in precious metals, mining and energy stocks. He is editor of two newsletters to help investors profit from metal market opportunities: Silver Stock Investor, and Gold Resource Investor, In those letters Peter writes about what he is buying and selling; he takes no pay from companies for coverage. Peter has contributed numerous articles to, BNN Bloomberg, the Financial Post, Seeking Alpha, Streetwise Reports,, TalkMarkets and Barchart, and he holds a Master of Business Administration from McGill University.

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